Biomass Wood

BSL Authorised


At Biomass Wood we are committed to becoming the leading supplier of wood chips for the renewable market in Wales.

The types of biomass we supply is wood chips and wood pellets which is suitable for the UK biomass market. Our biomass is used as a fuel source for wood burners (biomass boilers) or as bedding for livestock. All our wood chips and wood pellets are sourced from renewable sources. We source all our round wood locally, which means that we limit the impact that the lorries have on the environment when delivering the round wood to us. Once the wood enters our yard, it is chipped and sieved to grade the different sizes. All our chip are force dried in drying kilns, ensuring that you get the highest quality fuel for your biomass boiler. If you burn wood with the incorrect moisture content, your boiler may smoke, and you may get tar build up on your exhaust systems. It is vital that you only use fuel that is the correct size, and moisture content for your boiler. So if your intention is to become a greener company, then Biomass Wood should be your partner. We have a wealth of knowledge in green energy and it is our aim to become a leading force in the renewable energy market.

We hold a large volume of wood chippings in our secure site in Port Talbot, Wales and we can deliver the chip or pellets, either in bulk bags or by walking floor lorry. Regardless of your volume requirements, we will have a solution for you. Transport costs are a large proportion of the cost of renewable fuel, but if you live in Carmarthen, Swansea, Port Talbot, Bridgend Cardiff or Newport areas (South Wales), we will be very competitive.

Contact our sales department on 01792 293689 or email us on and we will be happy to help you with your wood chip or wood pellet enquiry.


Biomass Wood is accredited as a BSL supplier with OFGEM to supply force dried chip. BSL is the Biomass Suppliers List run by the government, which means you can be assured we are complying to the strictest quality and ethical standards.

Our BSL accreditation number is: BSL0113047-0002 (for wood chip)

Our BSL accreditation number is: BSL0517700-0001 (for wood pellets)



Updated Sun 09/10/2016